Expert Witness/Medicolegal Assessment:

“We specialize in the defence of catastrophic claims. We have had a number of cases recently where we have been greatly assisted by Hilary Cotter/Brighter Future A.T. in reviewing the detailed needs of Plaintiffs in respect of assistive technology. We have found Hilary’s input of great benefit to us and her detailed reports have provided great assistance in understanding a Plaintiff’s needs, commenting on same and costing the needs arising. We are more than happy to recommend Brighter Future A.T. in providing expert reports in this area.”
Jan Hayes, Partner, Hayes McGrath LLP

“Hilary provides both a professional and efficient service and, above all, keeps in constant communication with you. From receipt of instructions through collation of relevant information, attendance on site and report, you are at all times kept informed of progress made, ultimately securing a comprehensive, detailed but easily understood report. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Hilary as an expert witness in all matters associated with the area of Assistive Technology.”
Brendan Harrison, Partner, Harrison O’Dowd LLP

“I engaged Hilary to provide an expert report as an Occupational Therapist specialising in Assistive Technology. From the get-go, communication with Hilary was personal, prompt and effective. Any queries or questions that I had were responded to thoroughly and without delay. The report was turned around promptly, and the content was comprehensive and exactly what was required. Hilary’s dealings with my client were considered and they too found the service provided to be professional yet personable. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hilary for the preparation of such expert reports.”
Susan Gray, Partner, Partners At Law LLP

“Our office engaged Hilary Cotter of Brighter Future A.T. to prepare an expert report in relation to a man who suffered catastrophic injuries. The matter was time sensitive and we sought a report as soon as possible in light of the mans injuries. Given our clients’ medical condition it was not possible for Hilary to meet with him in person and so Hilary carried out the assessment remotely. The report was not compromised whatsoever by the fact that the assessment was carried out remotely. I would highly recommend Hilary to other colleagues and clients and we will be using Hilary’s service again in the future.”
Mark Scanlon, Solicitor, J.D. Scanlon & Co Solicitors

“I specialise in catastrophic injury claims and these days claims for assistive technology are an inevitable component of such claims. Hilary has a rare combination of technical expertise and clinical experience which gives her an edge in this complicated and sensitive area. I would recommend her services to fellow solicitors, irrespective of whether they act for claimants or defendants.”
Solicitor, Dublin

Assistive Technology for Independent Living:

“As my son has complex needs and relies hugely on Assistive technology to gain even a tiny bit of independence, I have found Hilary’s input invaluable. Her knowledge, background research and ability to stay focused on the main goal or requirement means my son has accessed many areas and achieved a few of our goals already, and Hilary is steadily working to achieve them all.”
Parent, Wexford.

“I asked Hilary to work with a client who had very restricted use of Assistive Technology, so that he could participate in research and his voice would be heard. Hilary always ensured that the client’s views were at the centre of the process. She was always open and honest with me and she was always mindful of everyone in a very complex situation. I would recommend Hilary’s services in terms of working with families and individuals of all ages”
Disability Equality Consultant, Dublin

Assistive Technology for Employment:

“I have about 20 years’ experience managing repetitive strain injury using a wide range of assistive technologies, so I was not expecting to learn a lot from Brighter Future A.T. that I didn’t already know. However, I was very pleasantly surprised. Hilary is exceptionally knowledgeable and thorough and takes an obvious interest in providing the best advice for her clients. I would recommend her services to anyone.”
Employee, Dublin.

“I had a stroke almost 3 years ago and was advised to speak to Brighter Future A.T. by my Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist to get support. Hilary was great. She looked at everything, asked the right questions, and fully understood my struggles and needs. We had a good session, I got a lot support and I was even able to share the report with my employer to make sure I got the right support all the way around.”
Employee, Dublin.

“I have liaised with Hilary a number of times now in my role supporting brain injury survivors in Vocational Rehabilitation and have found her very knowledgeable about her area of expertise and easy to deal with. The clients I have worked with, who she has completed Assistive Technology assessments with, have found the process very helpful in providing practical solutions to compensate for difficulties they have experienced in the workplace in cognitive areas such as memory, attention, planning and organising and also physical challenges. I have also found her comprehensive assessment reports very helpful in informing my work with them. I would recommend this service to people with disabilities looking for supports to increase their performance and satisfaction in the workplace and the professionals working with them.”
Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist, Dublin

Assistive Technology Training:

“Excellent training. So much information provided in a such a short time. Highly recommend this course for everyone working in Paeds both as a starter course or as a refresher one.”
Attendee, Assistive Technology training course

“Hilary is a very engaging speaker, I found this course to be really useful and practical and will be able to use lots of the information/ tips etc provided with my clients and also in my own day to day practice with technology.”
Attendee, Assistive Technology training course

“Surpassed expectations. Very informative. Thank you Hilary for facilitating this workshop. A very important training for anyone working with children and adolescents in the educational setting.”
Attendee, Assistive Technology training course

“Given that this was a zoom course and hands-on practice with different types of keyboards/ switches etc is not possible under the current COVID restrictions, I felt you managed to include practical components really well. You made the training very hands-on and gave lots of opportunities to try things out, rather than just showing us on screen – this was really helpful and useful.”
Attendee, Assistive Technology training course

“It is great to have confidence that the A.T. recommendations I will be making are the most up to date and well informed. Thank you, you managed to make an online course very engaging.”
Attendee, Assistive Technology training course

Assistive Technology for Education:

“We brought our daughter to see Hilary prior to starting Secondary School this year. Our daughter has a chromosome defect syndrome, hyper joint mobility, slow processing speed, organisational issues as well as other issues that cause her to struggle in and out of school. From the first phone call requesting an appointment, I knew we were going to the right person and that this was going to help our daughter immensely. Hilary has a certain vibe about her that made us and our daughter feel so comfortable around her and with the assessment. We left the assessment with so much knowledge about online apps that could be downloaded for free which my daughter now uses in school. I could go on so much about how Hilary has helped us but all I will say is THANK YOU so much, Hilary, for your time and effort in helping our little girl. We learned so much from you and how to help her going forward. ”
Parent, Dublin.

“I would highly recommend Hilary to provide assistance navigating the Irish education system. My son has received precious help on foot of Hilary’s excellent report. Personally he felt a lot more confident and validated after meeting with her and listening to all her great tips and advice. I can’t thank you enough for helping us so much and in such a pleasant way.”
Parent, Kildare

“I have an 8 year old child with Down Syndrome, she also has extremely low muscle tone, a visual impairment and severe speech and language delay. My Occupational Therapist recommended that I contact Hilary in Brighter Future A.T. Hilary was very understanding and she really took a ‘whole child’ approach to assessing my daughter and making an informed decision as to what is the best for her. When we met Hilary for the formal assessment, she put myself and my daughter at ease and throughout the whole session gave me tips on how I can help my daughter at home. Hilary’s report was very comprehensive and inclusive of all my daughters’ strengths and areas of concern. I am delighted to have had the opportunity to meet with Hilary and have her assess my daughter. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who has a child with additional needs.”
Parent, Donegal

“I am a parent of a 12yr old girl starting secondary school. She has a history of cerebral palsy and will require the use of assistive technology throughout her schooling. With this in mind we enlisted the help of Hilary to guide us in the right direction . Due to COVID we had an online zoom consultation with Hilary, which resulted in a very comprehensive written assessment outlining her potential needs for secondary school. I found Hilary extremely helpful and very professional to deal with . I would definitely recommend her.”
Parent, Waterford