“I have about 20 years’ experience managing repetitive strain injury using a wide range of assistive technologies, so I was not expecting to learn a lot from Brighter Future AT that I didn’t already know. However, I was very pleasantly surprised. Hilary is exceptionally knowledgeable and thorough and takes an obvious interest in providing the best advice for her clients. I would recommend her services to anyone.”
Employee, Dublin.

“We brought our daughter to see Hilary prior to starting Secondary School this year. Our daughter has a chromosome defect syndrome, hyper joint mobility, slow processing speed, organisational issues as well as other issues that cause her to struggle in and out of school.  I was a bit apprehensive, that this assessment with Hilary, would find anything at all that would help her with any of her issues.  I need not have worried at all. From the first phone call requesting an appointment, I knew we were going to the right person and that this was going to help our daughter immensely. Hilary has a certain vibe about her that made us and our daughter feel so comfortable around her and with the assessment. We left the assessment with so much knowledge about online apps that could be downloaded for free which my daughter now uses in school. I could go on so much about how Hilary has helped us but all I will say is THANK YOU so much, Hilary, for your time and effort in helping our little girl. We learned so much from you and how to help her going forward. ”
Parent, Co. Dublin.

“As my son has complex needs and relies hugely on Assistive technology to gain even a teeny bit of independence I have found Hilary’s input invaluable. Her knowledge, background research and ability to stay focused on the main goal or requirement means my son has accessed many areas and achieved a few of our goals already, and Hilary is steadily working to achieve them all.”
Parent, Co. Wexford.

“I would highly recommend Hilary to provide assistance navigating the Irish education system. My son has received precious help on foot of Hilary’s excellent report. Personally he felt a lot more confident and validated after meeting with her and listening to all her great tips and advice. I can’t thank you enough for helping us so much and in such a pleasant way.”
Parent, Co. Kildare

“I really enjoyed the course and learned so much in a short space of time. I will be recommending this training to my colleagues.”
Attendee, Assistive Technology for Education course

“I brought my 12-year-old daughter, who has a connective tissue disorder with hypermobility, to Hilary for an Assistive Technology assessment and was very happy with the outcome. She put her at ease immediately, so that it did not feel like an assessment and she actually enjoyed exploring the various technology aids that Hilary showed her. We came away from the assessment with lots of knowledge about free online programs which were immediately available to us, as well as afterwards receiving the report from Hilary, which we were able to give to her school to apply for funding for assistive technology there.”
Parent, Co. Wexford

“Thank you for your recent visit to our house and your assessment of how Assistive Technology could help my daughter to deal with her learning difficulties. The suggestions that you made and the clear way that you explained and demonstrated them to both me and my daughter were extremely helpful. The resulting report was even more helpful and it is great to have a hard copy of all that you suggested. Thank you for your assistance.”
Parent, Co. Dublin